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The Sankalp Group is a chain
of speciality restaurants with more
than 100 outlets across the world.
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Why Franchise with us?

A franchise with The Sankalp Group comes with an immediate advantage of working with a well established brand. A prospective franchisee will be dealing with a chain that has a proven track record and is high on the popularity charts.

The Sankalp Group is a chain of speciality restaurants with more than 100 operations across the world. It also has several projects in the pipeline. This means significant ground research has already been carried out and therefore, any initial expenditure / investment a franchisee makes will have a solid basis. The Group is now an internationally recognized brand. Its credibility minimizes any potential risk of failure. A tie-up with The Sankalp Group immediately gives access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be used for growth, expansion and smooth operation of the franchise. The Group offers its franchises, defined, proven business format, method of operation & control, along with know-how on product/ service/ marketing. We also provide management assistance, including accounting procedures, personnel and facility management, merchandising & promotion among other details.

The Sankalp Group thus gives its franchises a unique advantage to explore business opportunities with expert assistance and to maximize business performances.