Sankalp now brings a new dimension and variety to its restaurants by adding Screamery, its innovative ice cream boutique. Traditional ice cream will now get a good shake up. Customers can now look forward to more variety in texture and flavour.

Retaining the quality of brand Sankalp, Screamery will serve melt in the mouth desserts, crafted to perfection. Screamery’s broad range will include Softies, Sundaes, Waffles, Thick Shakes and much more. This new venture has been carefully thought out to beautifully round off the dining experience we offer.

Connoisseurs of ice cream are sure to welcome this new concept. Screamery Kiosks come with the exciting promise of enhanced gourmet experience!

Swirls of creaminess, swirls of tastiness and swirls of delicious iciness - Screamery Kiosks are all these and much more.