Sankalp Packed Foods

Along with making its mark in the hospitality sector, the Sankalp Group has also diversified into the packaged food sector. Sankalp Packed Foods (SPF) division is the result of years of hard work, research and development. All Sankalp products are true to the authentic taste of India.

Our packed retail food products cover a range of chutneys, gravies, paratha and instant mixes. These products save on time without compromising on taste and quality. They are packaged under strict quality control and care has been taken to retain their nutritive value. Sankalp is the first brand to introduce a variety of South Indian chutneys in this segment.

Our delectable range of products is as follows:

  • Dry Range
    • Instant Dosa Mix
    • Instant Idli Mix
    • Instant Uttapam Mix
    • Instant Upma Mix
    • Molga Podi Chutney
    • Sambar
  • Frozen Range
    • Coconut Chutney
    • Mint Chutney
    • Coconut Coriander Chutney
    • Garlic Chutney
    • Malabar Paratha
    • Saffron Gravy
    • Makhani Gravy
    • Cashew Nut Gravy
    • Idli

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