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  • Sankalp @ Behror

    Sankalp @ Behror
    Coming Soon...Sankalp Restaurant @ Behror

  • Sankalp @ Bharuch

    Sankalp @ Bharuch
    Now Open...Sankalp Restaurant @ Bharuch

  • Sankalp in Sydney

    Sankalp in Sydney
    Sankalp Now Open in Sydney, Australia

  • Saffron, Surat

    Saffron, Surat
    Coming Soon...Saffron Restaurant @ Vip Road, Surat

  • Sankalp, Surat

    Sankalp, Surat
    Coming Soon...Sankalp Restaurant @ Vip Road, Surat

  • Sankalp in Brisbane

    Sankalp in Brisbane
    Sankalp Now Open in Brisbane, Australia

  • Sankalp @ Kishngarh

    Sankalp @ Kishngarh
    Now Open...Sankalp Restaurant @ Kishngarh

  • Sankalp, Rajkot

    Sankalp, Rajkot
    Coming Soon...Sankalp Restaurant @ Kalawad Road, Rajkot

  • Saffron in Pune

    Saffron in Pune
    Saffron Now Open at Chinchwad, Pune.

  • Sam

    Sam's in Anand
    Sam's is Open Anand.

  • Saffron, Rajkot

    Saffron, Rajkot
    Coming Soon...Saffron Restaurant @ Kalawad Road, Rajkot

  • Yet Another Sankalp in Surendranagar

    Yet Another Sankalp in Surendranagar
    Now in Surendranagar, Upasana Circle - Surendranagar.

  • Saffron, Paldi

    Saffron, Paldi
    The Roof-Top BBQ Restaurant

  • Saffron, Baroda

    Saffron, Baroda
    Now open in Vadiwadi, Baroda

  • Sam

    Sam's Pizza in Pune
    Sam's Pizza is now Open at FC Road, Pune.

  • Sankalp in Atlanta

    Sankalp in Atlanta
    Now Open in Atlanta

  • Sankalp Institute of Hospitality Management

    Sankalp Institute of Hospitality Management
    100% Job Guaranteed

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The Sankalp Group is a chain
of speciality restaurants with more
than 150 outlets across the world.
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Sankalp Properties

Sankalp's rich legacy has extended to the field of construction with its first state-of-the-art property ‘Sankalp Square - II’ in a prominent locality of Ahmedabad. It is envisaged to exclusively serve the new-age businesses.

Establishing state-of-the-art business infrastructure requires much more than a building. It requires in-depth insights to the distinct requirements of the new-age businesses and an ability to develop an edifice that can easily meet all of them. ‘Sankalp Square - II’ has been envisaged to exclusively serve the emerging advanced business fraternity of Gujarat, which is rapidly gaining global recognition as the hub of enterprise excellence.

Designed specifically to suit the needs of businesses with ambitious growth plans, ‘Sankalp Square - II’ is poised to emerge as the finest destination to set up your ultra-modern base.

‘Sankalp Square - II’, with its futuristic outlook and insightful planning serves as a mirror of your business fineness, aptly reflecting your expertise and merit. Ideal to set up a full-fledged corporate house or branch offices or new level identity for your business, this is clearly an oppourtunity to establish your presence and ranking in the emerging business luminosity of western India.

For more details about the property, write to us at property@sankalponline.com

Sankalp Grace and Sankalp Serenity

Sankalp Grace & Serenity

Ambli & Thaltej, Ahmedabad

Sankalp Square I

Sankalp Square I

Drive In Road, Ahmedabad

Sankalp Square II

Sankalp Square II

Paldi, Ahmedabad

Sankalp Square III

Sankalp Square III

SindhuBhavan road, Ahmedabad